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Smudge X The Underbelly: The Gut Check Kit (Deluxe Edition)

Smudge X The Underbelly: The Gut Check Kit (Deluxe Edition)

Price: $59.99


Need some help trusting your gut? Smudge Wellness and The Underbelly Yoga have teamed up to bring you a set of magical tools inspired by the LIGHT that is Jessamyn Stanley, to help you tap into your inner truth. Some days it's a "fuck no," and some days it's an "oh hell yeah"! Some days call for Tree Pose, and sometimes you just need to get upside down, dog! Use this kit and your power of Intuition to guide you in the right direction. 

The deluxe version includes a Lepidolite point for manifestation of Abundance and Peace as well as a cleansing Sage smudge stick to clear away any negative energy before, during, or after your yoga practice. 

Your kit includes One custom Smudge x The Underbelly intention grid made of birch wood. One Rose Quartz crystal pendulum, approximately 1 inch on a silver chain. 

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Smudging and Smoke: Clearing as a Ritual 


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