Although life does come with challenges, it also always presents opportunities for change. As we welcome the new year, we also welcome endless possibilities for self-discovery and expression.

 To attract these opportunities for change and growth, we need to channel good energy from the inside out. This can be done by instilling the habit of positive self-expression and encouraging ourselves to embrace our creative sides. Below, we’ve put together things that can help you get started on that journey to a freer, happier you.


A Mantra

 The origin of mantras can be traced back to different religions and cultures from all over the world. They’re also often prayers or incantations, but in our modern age, they’re been modified to include self-affirming statements that give the speaker the confidence and determination to face the world. By reciting a mantra of your own, you can begin the day with a clear mind and focused intentions. “I choose to have a good day” and “Every part of me is beautiful” are two great examples of mantras that attract positive energy and confidence.


A Sense of Creativity

How we choose to express ourselves is also deeply rooted in our own creativity and uniqueness. Creativity has everything to do with how we react to challenges and grow, both as individuals and as a society. To get your creative juices flowing, we encourage you to take risks, surround yourself with inspiration, and get out of your comfort zone. You can pull in new, creative energies with a citrine sphere, which is known to enhance one’s imagination and focus.


A Sense of Purpose

 If you’ve got a sense of purpose to guide you, then you’re in luck. A universal tarot reading for 2022 shows the Four of Pentacles, which pertains to central concerns revolving around work, money, and personal things in life. But it also presents a golden opportunity for channeling creativity and setting manageable goals, so remember to keep that in mind moving forward in the year.

A Bullet Journal

 Keeping a bullet journal is also a great opportunity for expressing your thoughts and emotions in a healthy manner. There are no rules to bullet journaling, as it can be something of a mix of a daily planner, agenda, and diary. This personal journal allows you to record goals, ideas, experiences, thoughts — anything that flows through your mind can be jotted down on a bullet journal. It can also be a way to externalize your musings and reflections into the world.

A Vlogging Setup

Much like keeping a bullet journal, many people use vlogging or video diaries to express their thoughts and how they’re feeling throughout the year. Vlogging can also be a great way to share your stories, boost creativity, and keep the good energy flowing. You can start filming with a mirrorless camera as if you’re talking to a friend. Then, gradually improve your setup by getting a shotgun or condenser microphone and a ring light — so that you can give your audience and the world a better look into your life and journey.


Finally, get yourself a crystal power mix set for an intentional boost in energy. Ours comes with travel-sized sodalite, amethyst, green quartz, tiger’s eye, fuchsite, and carnelian. Of course, you can also come up with your own mix according to your own needs. Malachite is also good for confidence, pyrite for manifestation, and tangerine quartz for stimulating creative energy.

Self-expression is important for human happiness. Luckily, as we’ve outlined above, there are tons of tools you can use to pull that positive, creative, and open energy into your life. 

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