Profiles of Power -- Purpose with Dominic Redix

Profiles of Power -- Purpose with Dominic Redix

Profiles of Power is a series of deep dives into the lives of six individuals who we believe embody the energies of Courage, Love, Intuition, Purpose, Opportunity, and Calm. These badass ambassadors of a new version of spiritual wellness prove, beautifully and magically, that wellness is not one-size-fits-all, but is available and accessible to everybody who dares to harness their own one-of-a-kind strength.

It’s the annoying question that almost everybody asks a stranger when they first meet: “what do you do?” While it is undoubtedly meant as harmless small talk, it can be a source of anxiety for a person -- read: almost all of us -- who doesn’t feel like their day job should define who they are. When Team Smudge talks about Purpose as an energy we possess, it is not revealed in this superficial ability to tell somebody how you get your paycheck. But rather, Purpose for us refers to the existential power of truly knowing what makes you tick and how you can use your special strengths to reach your fullest potential and give back to others and the universe around you. 

When we first came across Dominic Redix, we immediately knew that this was a human who had successfully harnessed his Power of Purpose and uses it to live a life with authenticity and confidence.

Finding our purpose is one of our greatest gifts as humans. I’ve found a few of my purposes on earth and I want to spend my time fulfilling them.” “A few” is an understatement. In addition to teaching physical fitness to children in Los Angeles, Dominic counts among his purposes practicing yoga (following him at @redix_ to gander his jaw-dropping poses), raising an extensive plant family (teach us your ways!), and as a triple threat singer, songwriter, and rapper (available on Apple, Spotify, and Tidal).

Part of finding your Purpose is knowing the personal challenges that are in store of you and creating a sustainable set of strategies in order to manage and overcome those challenges. For Dominic, that challenge was a lifelong battle with depression. “I’ve lived with depression my whole life so finding the right tools to overcome it has been all about summoning my own power from within.” Daily yoga, surrounding himself with a garden, and connecting children with the ability to move their bodies were all meaningful ways that he learned to use his skills, talents, and desires in order to galvanize the energy he needed to flourish despite his struggle.

Building a personal spiritual wellness practice in another meaningful tool that Dominic uses to help him feel grounded. “By setting my intentions, meditating, and freeing my body and mind of that which plagues me,” he is able to “amplify my power and purpose.” 

Unapologetically himself and continuously finding his voice, body, and soul through multiple mediums and in different ways in order to make a deep impact to himself and to others, Dominic is the epitome of what true wellness looks like to us at Smudge: a continuous process of self-exploration and self-expression, powered by the energy of Purpose.

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