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100% That Witch -- spiritual wellness starter set 

Help your loved one reclaim their personal power and set the meaningful intentions they need for the New Year and beyond -- because we have A LOT to get done! Pick the power you want to send somebody’s way (choose from Love, Courage, Peace, or Opportunity) and we’ll send a beautifully packaged gift that contains a medium display crystal, a travel-friendly trio of tumbled crystals, a cleansing smudgestick, and an empowering enamel pin that proclaim their inner magic. 

Medium-sized crystal point or cluster, a cedar smudge stick, matches, a 100% that Witch enamel pin, and travel-friendly trio of tumbled crystals in a velvet bag (choose from Love, Courage, Peace, or Opportunity at checkout)

Note: Products ship on or before Dec 15th

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