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The holidays can be stressful and chaotic, especially when it seems like you are busy taking care of everybody around you but yourself (sound like anybody you know??). This ten-day, no-expiration-date countdown calendar is the perfect way to remind you or a loved one to take a few moments each day to slow down and show some self-love. Each of the ten days includes a spiritual wellness tool (oh so many crystals!) along with a simple ritual to help them reset, refresh, and relax. Want to be the most chic guest at this year's holiday parties? The calendar comes in a gorgeous box, tied with a black satin bow, ready to wow and impress -- no gift wrapping necessary! Extra credit feature: As each day is opened and the drawer returned to the box, a special message is revealed to serve as a daily reminder of their inner rock star. 

Because there is no end date, this is a unique and personal gift than can be given not just early in the holiday season, but to that special somebody who might be looking for a meaningful and magical way to start their new year. Self-care may seem like a trendy buzzword, but Smudge Wellness believes it is an opportunity to do some reflection and self-health in a powerful way so that you feel more connected with yourself and the universe around you. 

Orders ship on or before November 15th.  

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