Collection: The Big Sweep -- Our Biggest Sale Yet

This week is overflowing with some  BIG Transforrmation Energy -- and what better way to celebrate than with our best sale ever! 

At Smudge we believe in listening to what the universe is telling us and she is screaming: Out With The Old, In With The New. A rare Halloween Full Moon. An extra hour of beauty sleep. A patriarchy-hexing Election Day immediately followed by the end of Mercury retrograde. 

Did somebody say manifestation? Because a change is gonna come, Witches!

Now through November 4th, all Smudge Spells and our first edition 10 Day Self-Care Advent Calendar are a whopping 40% off. The stars are aligned for making things happen and we have all you need to brush away the bad and power you towards your own best self. Tell us your intentions -- or those you wish to set for somebody else -- and we’ll send you all the magical crystals, tools, and guidance you need to cleanse, refresh, and renew.

Discount applied automatically upon checkout. *brooms not included.


Team Smudge 

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