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Smudge Wellness



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Both witchy and wonderful, tarot and other intention-based decks are the perfect daily ritual that can be both practical and magical. We’ve upped the ante of these beautiful cards by accompanying them with a small crystal point and an assortment of foundational stones to help add clarity and focus to your wellness practice.

The perfect gift for the rock star in your life. (Spoiler alert: that might be you!) The Accurate AF by Prism + Fleur comes to us from all the way down under (aka Australia). It is an ethereal dreamscape world of tarot to explore. Adorned with gold foil and a rose petal finish, this circular tarot deck is sure to impress. These cards encourage readers to conjure the power that was already within them all along. A gentle invitation to deepen the relationship with yourself on a mental, emotional and spiritual level. The Accurate AF tarot deck comes with a small crystal point (Clear Quartz or Selenite) for manifestation, a set of 7  travel-friendly tumbled stones in a Smudge bag.


Clear Quartz: Learn More About Clear Quartz Here

Selenite: Learn More About Selenite Here

Labradorite: Learn More About Labradorite Here

Tiger's Eye: Learn More About Tiger's Eye Here

Green Aventurine: Learn More about Green Aventurine here

Red Jasper: Learn More About Red Jasper Here

Amethyst: Learn More About Amethyst Here

Rose Quartz: Learn More About Rose Quartz Here

Sodalite: Learn More About Sodalite Here

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