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Crystal Power Mix - LOVE

Crystal Power Mix - LOVE

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In need of a boost? Try a dose of TLC to propel you to the next level. Smudge has curated your crystals to conjure the self-compassion you need so that you can live with the love you deserve. The Crystal Power LOVE mix comes in a Smudge-exclusive reusable case with Travel-sized: Rose Quartz, Carnelian, Citrine, Amazonite, Black Tourmaline, and Blue Kyanite.

Rose Quartz: Learn more about Rose Quartz here

Carnelian: Learn more about Carnelian here

Citrine: Learn more about Citrine

Amazonite: Learn more about Amazonite here

Black Tourmaline: Learn more about Black Tourmaline here

Blue Kyanite: Learn more about Blue Kyanite

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