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The Deep Cleanse: Azurite + Sage

The Deep Cleanse: Azurite + Sage

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Building a personal spiritual wellness practice can be messy -- something we embrace here at Smudge HQ. For those moments when our environment feels particularly toxic, consider The Deep Cleanse. Our heavy-duty cleansing kit for the space within and around you, each item is curated to amp up your ability to reset and reflect.

We've included a roller made of Azurite (a crystal of emotional cleansing), a large sage smudge stick (a little goes a long way, so you will have this protective wonder for AWHILE), and a smudging bowl made of mother-of-pearl (renowned for improving your intuition and harmony). Used alongside a daily practice of intention-setting or meditation, The Deep Cleanse will help you feel your best inside and out.

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