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LA-based United Other celebrates connection, unity, and purpose. Intention-setting is at the core of this mission and this beautiful 55-card deck is here to help guide you to a more focused and empowered life. 

From the creators: The more you are intentionally focused & committed to your healing, transformation, authenticity, and living your fullest soul potential; the more you will come to realize and know that you are a powerful creator of your life and journey. Everything you want to become you already are. Life isn’t happening to you. Life is happening for you and by you. The Sacra Soul intention deck comes with a small crystal point (Clear Quartz or Selenite) for manifestation, and a set of 7 travel-friendly tumbled stones in a Smudge bag.


Clear Quartz: Learn More About Clear Quartz Here

Selenite: Learn More About Selenite Here

Labradorite: Learn More About Labradorite Here

Tiger's Eye: Learn More About Tiger's Eye Here

Green Aventurine: Learn More about Green Aventurine here

Red Jasper: Learn More About Red Jasper Here

Amethyst: Learn More About Amethyst Here

Rose Quartz: Learn More About Rose Quartz Here

Sodalite: Learn More About Sodalite Here

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