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We are thrilled to sell the Tarot Erotique and Workbook, a new interpretation of traditional tarot through the lens of Jessalyn Ragus, an SF-based psychedelic erotic collage artist. 

Through her artwork, Jessalyn explores sexuality and eroticism, inspired by all things metaphysical, cultural/spiritual/female iconography, and nature.  Her work references womxn/queer issues and experiences, her own personal experience as a queer woman and shares her fantasy of a Queer Utopia. Using Psychedelic Erotica she hopes to eliminate the stigmatization around sex and sexuality by approaching eroticism in sweet, consensual mind-altering, and humorous ways that invite everyone to the party. The beautiful psychedelic Tarot Erotique deck comes in a stunning purple velvet bag, a small crystal point (Clear Quartz or Selenite) for manifestation, and a set of 7 travel-friendly tumbled stones in a Smudge bag.


Clear Quartz: Learn More About Clear Quartz Here

Selenite: Learn More About Selenite Here

Labradorite: Learn More About Labradorite Here

Tiger's Eye: Learn More About Tiger's Eye Here

Green Aventurine: Learn More about Green Aventurine here

Red Jasper: Learn More About Red Jasper Here

Amethyst: Learn More About Amethyst Here

Rose Quartz: Learn More About Rose Quartz Here

Sodalite: Learn More About Sodalite Here

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