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Virtual Energetic Reset with Jazmin Kylene

Virtual Energetic Reset with Jazmin Kylene

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If you're looking to gain insight into the next step of your spiritual journey, a Virtual Energetic Reset Session may be just what the cosmos ordered! Using a combination of healing modalities, Jazmin draws from her years of experience in spiritual counseling,  HHP and AADP board certification,  and education as a student of the Holistic Arts Institute and Oak Astrology School to customize an hour-long program intended to give you clarity and leave you feeling energetically refreshed. 

Ready to level up? Here's what to expect: 

Each session incorporates astrological chart readings and a deep-dive discussion into the life changes you’re moving through before using modalities of breathwork and distance reiki to clear out any stagnancy in your chakras. Paired with cord cutting for releasing + manifesting,  sound healing, curated meditation, and card pulling, these sessions with Jazmin will create space for an intentional and powerful life. 

All purchasers of a virtual session with Jazmin will receive a follow-up email containing instructions on arranging the reading, along with a graphical pdf that can be printed and/or sent to the recipient. Readings are one hour in length and will be scheduled subsequent to purchase via email. 

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